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Sanyou introduces six common activated carbon filter products

Sanyou introduces six common activated carbon filter products

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The activated carbon filter is made of high-quality shell carbon and coal-based activated carbon, supplemented by food-grade binders. It is processed by special technology using high-tech technology.
The activated carbon filter is made of high-quality shell carbon and coal-based activated carbon, supplemented by food-grade binders. It is processed by special technology using high-tech technology. It integrates adsorption, filtration, interception and catalysis. Effectively remove organic matter, residual chlorine and other radioactive substances in water, and have the effect of discoloration and odor removal. There are many types of activated carbon filter cartridges, which play different roles in different industries. Let us understand the nature of the six activated carbon filter cartridges.
1. granular activated carbon filter UDF
Granular activated carbon filter core, using shell activated carbon or medium activated carbon as material, and some also use coconut shell in water treatment to adsorb organic matter, chemical pesticides, residual chlorine, heterochromatic odor, etc. in water, the use period is 3-6 .
The activated carbon granule filter is filled in a plastic filter housing without any chemical additives. There are multiple layers of microfiber non-woven fabric in the upper and lower sides of the container to prevent the release of carbon powder. The outer shell is made of SBS material ultrasonic welding process. Since the liquid flows from the bottom to the top, the liquid is in contact with the activated carbon particle layer for a long time and a wide area.
2. compressed activated carbon filter CTO
Coal-based carbon with an iodine content of 900 or higher is used as a filter material, and is subjected to food-grade binder sintering compression molding.
CTO is used in water treatment equipment to remove residual chlorine, chemical pesticides, heterochromatic and odorous substances, and to filter fine impurities. It is used in the third stage of pure water machine to protect RO membrane and its service life. For 3-6 months.
CTO is named after the shape, which is processed into several molding modes of sintering, compression and extrusion.
3. fiber activated carbon filter
This is the use of activated carbon felt blood for PCB filtration, surface treatment, filtration of plating solutions, filtration of photographic developing agents, removal of grease and aromatics in solution. The removal of odor, odor and organic pigments is combined with the dual-function filter material structure of activated carbon adsorption. The outer pillar of the filter element is covered with a precision fiber filter material, and then surrounded by activated carbon fiber cloth: liquid flows through When the filter material is used, the deep fiber filter structure of the outer layer can block the contaminated particles.
Low-viscosity, low-mass filtration is made by woven textile fibers and activated carbon fibers precisely wound on a porous skeleton (polypropylene or stainless steel) according to a specific process.
The honeycomb structure with outer and inner denseness can effectively remove suspended matter, particles, rust, organic solvent and the like in the liquid, and has excellent filtering characteristics.
The filter medium consists of high-quality activated carbon fiber, activated carbon impregnated fiber, and some use fiber paper.
◎The filter element is deep-filtered with large flux; it has heat resistance and acid and alkali resistance;
◎ It has strong adsorption capacity for chlorine, organic matter and odor; no harmful substances are precipitated.
4. using high-quality coconut shell activated carbon as a filter material, mainly used to improve the taste of water, eliminate odor.
Generally, a sintered filter element is used, and some products of the activated carbon filter material are silver-loaded, and the sterilization principle of the silver atom is utilized to sterilize the pure water pipe of the water purifier to ensure the safety and sanitation of the water. The post-activity period is generally 4-6 months.
The pure water produced by the net reverse osmosis is subjected to advanced treatment to remove volatile organic compounds, odors and improve the taste of the water. Especially for pure water machines using pressure storage tanks, the post-activated carbon can effectively remove the odor generated by the water storage tank.
5. composite activated carbon filter
Some activated carbon filter cartridges add certain PP meltblown cotton in the design process, which not only has the function of activated carbon, but also the role of specific deep filter. This filter is called activated carbon, PP composite filter, referred to as activated carbon. Filter element. It can retain large particles such as sand, rust and small mouth, and it can also remove residual chlorine, pigment and odor.
6. other activated carbon filter
KDF is a high-purity copper and zinc granule. It is treated by electrochemical oxidation-reduction (electron transfer) for water treatment. It can remove up to 99% of chlorine and water in the water, lead, mercury, nickel, chromium and other deep metals. It has an outstanding effect on controlling the bacteria, dirt and algae of suspected bacteria.