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After sales service

After sales service

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Thoughtful after-sales service

Starting from the foothold of user interests, the company sticks to the service philosophy of “improving user's economic efficiency, to achieve customer satisfaction", learning the advantages of Sanyou service system while absorbing external resources, to continuously improve the market service system. The company was the first of its kind to propose the regular user revisit system in the industry.

Pre-Sales and After-Sales Service Commitment

Company's main products: air purification products (activated carbon paper, activated carbon corrugated filter screen, activated carbon fiber filter screen, activated carbon foam filter screen, activated carbon honeycomb filter, and other types of air purifier filter screen and elements, and air filters of various catalyst materials, filter cotton, activated carbon functional materials and shoe materials, and other purification materials.)

Water treatment products: activated carbon paper filter element, activated carbon fiber filter element, silver-loaded activated carbon fiber filter, water-absorbing sheets, evaporation sheets and other water treatment supplies and refrigerator spare parts.

The company has a high-quality technical team and a number of well experience staff, who have accumulated a wealth of experience in production, research and development, to relieve customer's worries in the rear.

Please feel safe to use our products, and we will provide the best services for you with our cutting-edge technology and the greatest enthusiasm.

We strictly implement the agreements and contracts signed between the supply and demand parties on the related issues, and make adjustment in a timely manner based on user comments and needs.

The company provides users with all-weather, full-range services. We promise to reply users within 2 hours after receiving their phone call or letters.

Quality Commitment

Under the quality philosophy of “following strict quality standards, to manufacture quality products”, we guarantee that every product is qualified, and every customer is well serviced, so that they will feel 100% satisfied. We have maintained a good social reputation.

The company makes the following commitment about product quality:

1. All the equipment we provide is in strict accordance with the contract and technical agreement requirements, to meet products meeting the design standards and the quality requirements.

2. We strictly inspect and control the quality of incoming raw materials.

3. All the equipment has undergone complete processing and the detection means are complete. The product qualification rate is 100%. None of the products with defects are allowed to leave the factory.

4. We guarantee to repair quality defects arising in the equipment manufacturing process in a timely manner without concealing anything. If the equipment has any defects or quality problems after reaching the field, we promise to replace it unconditionally.

5. If you find quality problems in the process of use, please call the complaint phone: 86-513-85924148, and we will solve for you immediately.

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